Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Here I Go Again...

My daughter portraying the mischievous fairy, Puck,
in our production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Coming out of a busy school year I have to admit that I wasted too much energy, money and time on convenience food.  My biggest fault is that eating healthfully takes a certain amount of creativity that is usually maxed out on my theater projects!  So it's time to begin again, anew.  On  first thought of starting over, a song came to mind from my youth "Here I go Again (On my Own)" sung by a big hair rock band from the 1980's.  But after some reflection  there is no way I'm going to do this on my own, and anyone trying to recover their health realizes that having a partner is the best way to have success.  And since I've lost my long time partner in my daughter, Hannah (she has adopted the busy life style of a teenager), although she maintains the gluten free life style in her own way.  She no longer enjoys frequenting health food stores and pouring over healthful cookbooks with me anymore.  So here I go again on my own, but not really, I know there is a God who is there and he will help me through anything whether it be problems at work, desires for SELAH, worries about my children, or the struggle for optimal health!

When cleaning the cupboards and fridge of left over junk food, I realized that I had the ingredients to pull together a delicious dip and a hearty salad.  My daughter, Brittany, and myself enjoyed eating pesto our bagels and my husband appreciated some potato salad with his chicken after so many weeks of eating out!  Because these recipes were made by "judgement calls" on the amount of ingredients, I'm not going to bother listing amounts.  You can get a similar recipe and make your own adjustments if you would like, I've just listed the ingredients for interest.

Wanting to write and blog for so long just may be the best therapy for me these days, so if you don't mind my rambling, you can continue reading, but if you are hungry, check out my recipes, and just start eating!

Pesto: Fresh spinach, Fresh basil, Sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, Pine nuts, Pressed garlic, Olive oil, Red pepper flakes

Potato Salad: Red potatoes, Red onion, Celery, Paprika, Thyme, Celery seed, Sea salt, Mustard, Crushed garlic, Olive oil mayonnaise

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