Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learning about Each Other

Reading is important to all homeschoolers and families passionate about knowledge, but for my daughters reading is a hobby. They both love different genres (Sarah - romance/supernatural and Hannah - sci-fi/historical). We spent some time at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville so they could meet a couple of their favorite authors. If you look closely at the book Fred is reading, you will see one of his new interest - running! Something he used to do in high school and would like to challange himself with again.
Hannah has taken an interest, and some would say, become obsessed with the television show, Dr. Who. She has dressed like her favorite character, Amy Pond, on several occasions; above she is carrying a plateful of "Jammy Dodgers," the Doctor's favorite treat (her friend is dressed as the Doctor and is scanning them with his sonic screwdriver!) Some would question our tolerance on this, but the show is loaded with history and British culture (something else we enjoy) so it has actually become a family favorite.A most fun night, Brittany and I were able to bond a little more while attending the play, Murder for Two, A Killer Musical at the Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier. We went with two other good friends and it was wonderful to see Brittany relax and enjoy herself and just be herself! She is a lovely girl and we are enjoying having her as part of our family!

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