Friday, October 15, 2010

Time for School!

School has started again in the Bielicki home! As of today's date, Hannah and I are hard at work on several projects that usually accompany our standard curriculum. Since Sarah has graduated and is off fulfilling her lifelong dreams of writing professionally and travelling to Japan, I decided to focus on Hannah's interest during her high school years. It is very exciting to have her as my only student and starting in the 9th grade!

We have chosen to focus on math, science, and related topics such as Latin and logic. If you have followed ANY of my post - you may have noticed that I am not a math/science person. But when you have a child expressing an interest in nursing and medicine, you must comply and prepare her for the courses that will accompany that study in higher education. We have only just begun and although Latin can be dry and boring (grammar in another language...ugh!), it also has a lot of connections to subjects already studied over the past few years - in our case, mostly music and Shakespeare!

I always get the question from other homeschooling moms - "what curriculum do you use." Well, much as I would really love to use a "package program," I've never found one that meets all of our needs and interest; so I think I've chosen some of the best. I have added a section in the left hand column of this blog that has a link to the curriculums that I use, have used previously and recommend, as well as some on my wish list (some day, we will conquer Great Books!).
Lastly, since I left off posting for so long, I did not get a chance to introduce our new family member, Rocky, a two year old Boxer, thus, apply named. He has been such a loving and sweet dog and the whole family has enjoyed his lively personality. I may have to write a story or two about this curious and gentle creature, but for now, just be assured that he is providing us with lots of exercise, love and joy!

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