Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago!

Our dear friend, Kurt, turned 40 this weekend and his wife, our dear friend, Allyson, threw him a "Blue's Brother's" party. We've never seen this movie, but living in Chicago we can't help but be familiar with this icon of Chicago films. Of course, being the Drama Mama, we had to dress the part, or at least a few elements of the Blue's Brothers.

The cake was beautiful and it was fun watching everyone eating the black frosting! Allyson had posters all over the yard including one with the famous quotation: "Are you the police? No, mam, we're the musicians."

A neighbor and friend of theirs has a band that played at his party. The last song of the night was "Sweet Home Chicago." Since that was the only song Hannah was familiar with, she offered to play the tambourine. She loves following the percussive beat and did a great job following along.
We spent time with their daughter, Nicole, and their parents as well as other friends. Happy Birthday to a great friend!

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