Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

What a happy Easter day we had today. The girls found their Easter baskets traditionally hid in a secret corner by their dad. We had a quick breakfast then went off to church for a wonderful Easter service with Sally. Paul, Lauren and Stephanie came over for dinner and we feasted on a delicious Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb, Pear and Berry Salad, and Strawberry Chocolate Trifle. I even showed off the beautiful Naturally Dyed Eggs. Hannah I made last night. All of these recipes are on my new blog: I Can Eat That!

When is your child too old for an Easter egg hunt? Apparently ours are not, and today Hannah and my niece, Stephanie competed for the highest number of eggs making this not just a hunt, but a battle! After all, with both having that bold "Booth" competitive nature, it truly was a duel until the last egg was found!

Of course Fred and Paul had to make the hunt as challenging as possible!

Ready, get set, GO!

Some had candy, some had hair rubber bands, and well, I think Hannah just found one with coins, they jingle!
The little neighbor girl saw the game and wandered over, so Sarah grabbed her a basket and took her on a hunt. Stephanie and Hannah purposely left several eggs at her level for her to find.
Before long, Sarah had helped her find a whole basket full!
Looks like Stephanie was up for the challenge!
Don't forget the back yard!
Oh that's just not fair! Don't worry, Stephanie got it.

Just one more left!
Ah! It was under a sea shell by the swimming pool! Very clever Lauren. What a great time we all had. We never seem to go wrong with good food, fun games, and family fellowship. Thank you, Lord, for Family!

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