Monday, December 1, 2008

Woosh... the best way to describe the past two months! Homeschool, 4H, Fine Arts, Sarah's job, Hannah's job (she walks dogs) and of course Pampered Chef keeps us all very busy. Not to mention Fred's flexible work schedule all has us scrambling to get school work done and valuing any family time when the four of us can sit down to a family dinner. Blogging has been pushed to the bottom of my "to do" lists (yes, plural, I have several!). So here are a few images from the past few busy months. But as I stated before, don't feel sorry for us. We chose these activities and enjoy every one.
God allowed them all to come into our lives at different seasons and we strive to utilize each one to His glory!
Here the girls are taking a break from school work to finish an art project given to them by Yumi.
We really miss her a lot!
With our Homeschooled Clovers 4H club, Sarah and Hannah decorated a display box at the Oak Forest Library for National 4H week. Working with kids of all ages helps them fill leadership requirements for futher 4H projects and awards.
Each year, their leader requires them to give a speech to the club and Hannah decided to use her new cooking skills to demonstrate how to make "Elegant Artichoke Cups." She did a great job. If I didn't already know that her desire is to be a missionary/nurse, I would think she has a future on the Food Network!They are studying China as their group intercultural project this year. They made "Jade Rabbit" cookies for the Chinese moon festival. They were very tasty!
Midwest Homeschool Fine Arts classes have been in full swing since September. I teach high school Speech and drama (Classic Players). In this picture I am with my Young Thespians, grades 4-7. All the classes are a lot of fun but I enjoy speech class the most.
Sarah is my assistant director in the Young Thespians. Also, one of my graduates returned this year to help with classes. Since I have no other adult assistance, Jonathan has turned out to be a great help! In this picture, they are demonstrating improv acting with random properties to the class. Sarah just "stole" Jonathan's ice cream!
Sarah likes to spend her free time with friends. On a visit to her friends farm, she was able to pick her own pumpkin. She got the biggest she could carry because she wanted me to fill it with Pumpkin Stew. Unfortunately, if we filled that large gourd, we would never get in out of the oven, so we carved it for Halloween and bought another for the stew.
The girls looked cute on Halloween. They were prepared for cold weather (especially Hannah), but it turned out to be a beautiful day in Illinois. The girls both made their own costumes - I refuse to anymore because I think they are a little too old for the activity (especially Sarah).
We contented ourselves with passing out candy from the front yard swing. Fred had hurt his back a week before and could hardly walk. But he loves his daughters and enjoyed the evening despite the pain. He specially enjoyed the pumpkin seeds and the Pumpkin stew!
The first week in November we attended Sauk Trail's Missions Conference. Three visiting missionary families shared their testimonies and reports from the fields of Hungary, Germany, and Guatemala. Hannah really enjoyed Brother Boonstra's preaching. He had much to say about the need for young people to prepare for the mission field. She was very touched, and reaffirmed her commitment to go if the Lord is willing.Sarah was moved by the stories shared by the Kratochvil's from Nicaragua. She even sent down a small gift for a girl who is a recent convert because she thought it would cheer her to know that there is someone praying for her.

And the saddest piece of recent news is that we had to say goodbye to our beloved pet, Tom. He had reached an age, and developed habits that could not be retrained. If I had money for more vet bills, or maybe a fancy cat whisper like they have on Animal Planet, maybe we could have made it with him. But we did give him to a no kill shelter where he will get medical care, and be given to a home as an only pet.
As a result, Rascal has been left as the one and only. Fortunately, he is past his kitten aged scratching and does not like to go outside. I am very thankful that we still have this sweet little kitty to cuddle with.

There is so much more that has happened and I couldn't possibly cover every activity, but we are still living, learning, and loving. And striving to live up to our Grandma's best advise - You should earn something or learn something, everyday!

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