Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas in Chicago

Merry Christmas from the frozen city of Chicago!
Christmas in Chicago can be a cold and messy time of year. But we enjoy its ever surprising happenings. From school and church activities, shopping, visiting friends and our trip down town.

We try to get down town at least once every Christmas to see the lights and enjoy the atmosphere. Stephen and Eric came with us and we started our day at a great little sandwich shop, The Spicy Pickle, in Lincoln Park. We then donned our coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to brave the cold Chicago wind.

Stephens photographic skills are incredible and I am so thankful he took these great pictures of our family.

Our first stop was at the lake front for some cool pictures of the sky line. We did not think the city would show up so well, but they really turned out great. We then went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory where Stephen took some colorful and creative pictures. Then off to the Lincoln Zoo just for fun. Fred really enjoyed the zoo, especially the lions (they were very friendly to each other and put on quite a show!). We also saw a crazy monkey that attacked the glass right in front of us, very funny.

Sarah wants a hippopotamus for Christmas.

And Fred wants a giant fish tank!

I hope your holiday season is progressing as fast and fun as ours has been. Merry Christmas from the Bielickis!

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