Friday, October 31, 2008

This year for Halloween, I was ready to face the cold! I dressed a head-to-toe ninja! I had ninja weapons (sword, kuni, daggers and nun chucks) a long sleeve shirt that I wrapped around my eyes, material to wrap around my arms and legs, a turtle neck, my hot, karate gee, and heavy black army boots! Oh yeah! No one can be warmer then me this Halloween!This is a picture of the Ask a Ninja, ninja. I dressed up as a ninja for Halloween. What do you think? Do I look anything like the ninja?

This is me and Sarah. She dressed as a fairy this year. She bought these wings from Walgreen's. Gotta love Walgreen's! They have almost everything! including my ninja weapons!

Looks like this ninja caught a little cat running by! This is Sammy. A little girl I sometimes watch from across the street. She was so exited to go candy huntin'! She came by for candy, so of course we gave her more than needed! She loves hanging out with me and Sarah.

Left to right: Alex, we said he was dressed as a pimp. Sarah, Night fairy, Briana, Either a vampire, witch or evil cat with no ears or tale. We didn't know what she was. And me. the ninja.

Well, it ended up being the hottest Halloween there was here in Midlothian. I ended up taking off most of the outfit. Even at night. Well, either way, I think I looked awesome and the coolest looking person that Halloween! Halloween, as usual, was a blast and I can't wait till next year! Watch out Halloween costume world, cause here I come again!

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