Friday, September 26, 2008

Dynamic Duo

Gas prices constantly rising, grocery bill getting larger, uncertain political future, and children approaching college age - what is a mother to do? Well, after much prayer and discussion with Fred, we decided that a home based business would be the best way to provide a second income in our home.
Because I love to cook (and eat) I decided to launch a Pampered Chef business. Hannah is my partner on this venture which will benefit both of us because she will earn some money to put away for college, taking some more burden off of us. But my family would say that the greatest benefit so far has been that we have to test the recipes used for our demonstrations. All I have to say about that is YUM YUM! So if your stopping by for dinner, you may become a tester, but don't worry, since these recipes are PC approved, they are guaranteed to please! Happy cooking!

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