Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Traveling to Springfield, Old School

With a desire to show Yumi as much of Illinois as possible, we decided to travel to Springfield on Route 66. Sarah and Hannah were already familiar with this old road because of the movies RV and Cars. Although the beginning of Route 66 originally began in Chicago at or near Buckingham fountain, we picked it up just off of Interstate 80, on Route 53. The girls thought it was very cool that the first thing they saw was the Chicagoland Speedway, then the Route 66 Raceway that they did not even know existed. Most of the pictures were taken from our windows, some we had to stop and get a closer look.

Traveling this way kept the kids awake and talking. Laughter came easily, and the jokes just kept getting better and better. My favorite was when we traveled from Godly county into Grundy county, Sarah said, "Oh no, now we're back-slidden." We stopped at a road side park and ate our packed lunch. The kids loved climbing on the huge tractor tires, you just can't find those old school play grounds anymore! We arrived at the state fair around 4pm and started exploring, more about the fair tomorrow. Hopefully the slide show will express not only the fun we had traveling, but also highlight the beauty of this amazing state!

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