Friday, August 8, 2008

Shopping in Naperville

We took Yumi to Naperville yesterday to get some more shopping done. We went with Edy and Logan, so it was extra special spending time with family! Yumi was able to find a few things to take back to her family. One curious thing she bought was a bag full of beautiful beads at a jewelry store. I was surprised she wanted to spend so much and questioned her as to the expense. She tried to explain why she wanted them, I got the idea that she wanted them for a special craft that she will make when she returns to Japan.
She did so well with shopping, and certainly had no problem counting our money. Although the cashier at the book store totally threw her off guard when she asked if she was a member of their "frequent buyers club." She pulled me over, and I explained that she was visiting from Japan and could not speak English. Right away, they apologized and gave her a hearty welcome. Naperville is a beautiful little town, and I wish we had more time to explore every little store. But in the mean time, please enjoy the few pictures I was able to snap on this quick visit.

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