Monday, August 11, 2008

My Rockin' Superstar Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday ME! I am now thirteen years old! An official teenager! I had a birthday sleepover party at my house with 11 Friends and I had a very long list planned out!
This was the beautiful table my mom set up for me. She is such a good room designer, don't you agree?
This was my group for the scavenger hunt! I had Yumiko, (our exchange student), Samantha, (4h), Tessa (old friend), Tamarah (Fine Arts Bff), and Savannah (knew since birth). Oh yeah, we're unstoppable!

This was the other team. This consists of Tabitha (first met at Heritage Baptist Church, a bff), Kayen (From new Church, Sauk Trail Baptist Temple ((STBT)) and MHFA), Rachel, (Bff from STBT), Carilyn (Rachel's sister and other Bff from STBT) and Molly (Rachel and Carilyn's Cousin From STBT).

It ended up that my team won and our prize was that we got first pick out of the prize box and each get a prize, then the other team chose. But then there was still a lot of prizes left over. So we just kept picking them until they were gone. After the Scavenger hunt, we ate dinner and had a cake and pop! We then played games, and then I let my guests open the goody bags, played some more games, set up bed (it was very crowded shoving 11 girls into one small living room!) and watched a lot of movies. I ended up sleeping in my parents room because it was to crowded! The next day we swam and played games. It was sad to say goodbye, but this is one birthday party I will never forget!

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