Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meeting the Family

This weekend was an eventful time with my family in town. We all attended the John Williams Tribute at Ravinia Festival this weekend. Ravinia is an outdoor theater with a pavilion surrounded by an extensive lawn area. Tickets for seating on the lawn are inexpensive. The park opens three hours before the concert and concert goers bring picnic lunches and blankets to enjoy the music with friends and family. I've included a slide show with many pictures from the concert so you can get an idea of how we viewed the concert, as well as the many shots of the Star War's characters. We knew that we would be hearing music from ET, Close Encounters, Shindler's List, Indiana Jones and Star Wars, but we did not realize that the park would provide costumed actors. Unfortunately, Yumi informed us that she does not like Star Wars, but we convinced her to come along to see the actors with a promise to have ice cream afterward.
Darth Vadar looked very intimidating from a distance, but up close he was very willing to pose for a picture.
The storm troopers were actually walking around the park. When the concert started they carried the traditional "Be Quiet" sings that the park displays at each concert.
The Storm trooper let Fred hold his large gun, but without Fred realizing it, the others came up behind him for the shot. We had a great laugh about this one afterwards!
This actress totally captured the attitude of Princess Leah! Sarah also liked holding the gun!
Here, Stephanie and Edy are playing with Hadley. You can see the many picnickers behind them on the lawn.
As the music started we all colasped in chairs and blankets. Yumi agreed that the music was really cool, but she said she still, "don't like" Star Wars.

On Saturday, the whole family came over for some fun in the sun. (Actually, three siblings and parents - I miss my other sister and brother!). I love having everyone over and enjoying the way we all share the fun, food and family.
Today Hadley had her first swim in our pool. She really loved the water and splashed and splashed until she was tuckered out.

Not only did Hadley love the water, so did her big cousins. Check out the updated "Pool Time" video to see more pictures. Since it is an evolving montage, just bear through the previously viewed images, the new ones are at the end. Besides, its always fun to see old pictures over again, just like old stories!
My parents really enjoyed seeing all the grandchildren and they loved having their attention this afternoon.

Logan got to ride on the 4-Wheeler with Jason. He enjoyed it so much that he cried when he had to get off and let someone else have a turn. Many took turns riding it, even my mom (and no one got a picture!). Dinner was great with everyone pitching in for a chili dog feast. Somehow, food always taste better when it is shared with people you love.
Yumi was happy to have more competitors for
Trouble and Uno!Sunday was again a chance for all of us to rest. Some of Sarah's friends stopped by to hang out, so Yumi joined them on the lawn. Check out one of the neighbors dog joining in on the fun. I guess he was doing a little showing off for the teens.

Sunday night at chruch there was a pizza party fellowship. During church, the mens ensamble sang one of my favorite songs, Faithful Men. The preacher mentioned Christian music in his sermon. He stated that the tone and melody of our music is much more hopeful than the empty chants and minor tones of eastern religions. I thought about Yumi, sitting next to me. She probably did not understand anything he said, but hopefully the hope expressed in those Christian songs will penetrate her heart, and leave a seed that can hopefully be watered by our continued relationship, and by Gods leading later in her life.

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