Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Going to the State Fair

After a big day like we had yesterday, we really needed some rest. So today was spent cleaning up and packing up. You see, tomorrow we leave for the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. When it came time to explain this to Yumi, I used the phrase book and a road atlas to point out our destination. She caught on right away and packed an overnight bag for the trip. She was so excited to know we are going on a "vacation." This is a sure sign that her understanding English is improving. Even her speaking is coming along much better. She speaks in two word sentences, better than I could ever wish to do in Japanese!
This is the intercultural project Sarah will be taking to the fair. As you can imagine, it has been a great conversation piece while communicating with Yumi.
Hannah's Communication project is a portfolio of all this years activities, like all speeches given, letters written, experiments in communicating, etc. She is also giving an oral interpretation of two Shakespeare monologues.

We leave at dawn! Just kidding, with the three of them trying to communicate daily, we will just get going as early as possible. No post tomorrow, look for more adventures and the fair results on Thursday night!

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