Friday, August 15, 2008

A Couple of Movie Stars!

Hannah had some homeschool friends over tonight to celebrate her monumental passage into becoming a teenager. She decided to have a "movie theme night" since her interest lately have been in drama, movies and reading. This whole party was her idea, she did all the planning. All I did was help decorate (her design) and shop for the food.
Although Hannah is dressed like the movie star, Yumi actually turned out to be the star of the night. All the girls wanted to sit by Yumi, have Yumi write their names in Japanese, and generally ask Yumi all kinds of questions to which she sometimes understood, but always just answered "yes" or "no."
The whole giggly crew!
When trying to plan games, Hannah came up with a Scavenger Hunt. Sarah helped her with the list which included: a bag of microwave popcorn, an old movie ticket, an old party invitation, straw, and paper airplane, a canceled postage stamp, and several other things. When we finished that game, we gave the list and canceled stamps to Yumi. I'm sure she will have an interesting description to give to her family back in Japan about how "they went door to door, asking for old junk, and the team that got more old junk won the game!" It was a very interesting night for us as well as Yumi. But most of all the girls just enjoyed being together. Soon you will be able to see more pictures on Hannah's blog.

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