Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Birthday and a Party!

Our little girl is now officially a teenager! We woke her up early to get ready for church and she was totally surprised with a table full of presents and a decorated dining room. We had a big birthday breakfast. One of our gifts to Hannah was a new teapot. She started collecting tea set dishes last year, and was very excited to receive a new one. Church of course was wonderful, but we had to excuse ourselves and pull away from the friendly people. For Yumi's sake, we had to get ready for a party.
The party was for 4-H Japanese Host Family's. We only knew one other couple there, but fortunately, 4-H has a way of bring people together, so we fit right in with the group! The party was at a home in Will county and the owners were farmers that allowed the children to ride their horses. Best of all, Yumi got to see her friends. Right away, our "quiet" little girl was chattering faster than Hannah at her best! Fred and I were so happy for her. It must be very frustrating not being able to express yourself for three weeks. But today she had her chance. I'm sure she rattled on and on about how crazy we are, but I'm also sure she heard about the chores those kids sent to the farms had to do! Of course the pictures were taken in mass, so here's another collage of the day's exciting events:

When we returned home that evening, we all walked down to the "Crest Fest" taking place down the street from our house. The ticket booth was closed for the rides, but two of the operators let the girls ride the swings and the slide for free. The girls went up and down the slide many times until it was time to go.
I just love this one of them laughing at the end of a great race! The rest of the night, Yumi and Sarah walked arm in arm, even while they did their shopping. What a thrill that brought to our hearts! Fred left the fair a little before we did, our girls gave him a hug and he was surprised by Yumi who reached out and gave him a big hug also, very sweet!

After the fair we returned home and sang "Happy Birthday" to Hannah and shared her wonderful cheese cake. Even though today was long, and eventually tiring, it was worth every step, bite and slide!

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