Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baseball, Books and a Busted Tank

Yumi had brought a doll kit from Japan and the girls and I all attempted this new craft form. Luckily, the directions were in English and Japanese, so we could all work together. Yumi took off right away, clipping and folding, and of course, she finished first. Sarah added her own touches to her doll, and Hannah designed hers to match her room.

Dolls made by: Hannah, Gwendolyn, Sarah, and Yumi.

The girls also returned to the library today. Hannah and Yumi took pictures of themselves holding their favorite books. Of course Hannah's was a Nancy Drew, Yumi's was Manga. These Japanese graphic novels read from right to left, just like Japanese Kanji would read. I think she would like them better in Japanese, but at least she can work on her reading English skills.

Fred and I were fortunate to receive tickets to the White Sox game tonight. Unfortunately, just before we were about to leave, our 35 gallon fish tank sprang a leak, no, not a leak, it had a broken seam. We lost 10 gallons of water in about five minutes. Fred called us from our crafting in the dining room and we all jumped in to solve this disaster. Sarah and I grabbed buckets, Hannah the extra towels, and Fred started saving fish. You would have thought it was the Olympics of water moving the way we worked together. I emptied water into buckets and Yumi and Hannah took turns dumping them out the front door, while Fred caught fish with the net and Sarah held a towel to the busted seam. Now our living room resembles a disaster area, with fish tank equipment all around, and a puddle (its drying slowly) in the corner. We've had a lot of crazy things happen to us "Griswalds" so of course we laughed despite our disappointment. Who knows what Yumi might think of all this mess, but hopefully, she saw a family that works together and can still laugh in the midst of aggravation.

We made it to the game, sorry Tiger fans, White Sox won! You can view more pictures on my Facebook album, Field of Dreams. I kept texting Sarah throughout the game and she said they were all having a great time watching TV and playing games. I'm glad this night turned out nice for all of us, well, except the fish!

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