Monday, July 28, 2008

Cousins, Candy, and Ice Cream!

Today was an uneventful, nothing exciting, or of consequence kind of day. All right, all right, I admit, it was my birthday. Although I was not too eager to celebrate the big 4O in any way, so with that said, my "birthday" turned out to be an awesome day!
Jill had asked if Hadley and Eric could spend the day with us and of course I said yes, knowing that would fill my day with more family and fun. We went to pick them up and the kids spent some time in her beautiful garden. I have no idea why Yumi always makes the "peace" sign every time we take a picture. Sarah did notice that her pen pal from South Korea always does the same in the pictures she has sent. Hummnn, maybe time for some internet research.

Hadley was her adorable self, of course. Although she really did not want to take a nap. After all, there were too many cousins around, she did not want to miss the fun. So she played with her toys, talked her own language, waved at all that passed and cuddled with anyone that would hold her. I have no idea how babies are treated in Japan, so who knows what Yumi may think of the way we fawned over Hadley. Oh well, that's just normal for us!
Sarah took them for a walk to Fannie May Candies for the new ice cream they offer this year.
As you can tell they really enjoyed the ice cream a lot. Why not, Fannie May candy in ice cream, what more could you wish for!

After dinner, we had more Oreo cookies and Hannah and I watched the Karate Kid II (my favorite of the series). But Yumi and Sarah searched the internet for more Anime cartoons. Sarah was quite dismayed to find out that Yumi had seen several of the Naruto episodes that have not been released here in America yet. She tried to convince Yumi that she wanted to watch them, but Yumi said "no" and continued on with other episodes. I have to say Sarah has done the best at learning some Japanese for communication, but that frustrated her a little. But when describing the situation to me, we then had a good laugh at the whole thing. Yumi sleeps in Sarah's room, and I know more communication is happening at bed time, because I can hear movement, whispers and giggles from their bedroom above mine. I don't mind that at all, because a relationship is being formed, and that is the most exciting to us all!

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