Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Uno or Uni?

Even though today was very uneventful, it was a very fun day for all of us. I allowed the girls to sleep in until 10 am and they were very appreciative, although very reluctant to do anything except play more "Trouble." So I sent them out the door at lunch time with enough money to get some burgers at McDonalds. They thought about walking because Yumi said she did not like the mountain bikes. But then she surprised them by offering to try them out. Once she climbed on and got her bearings, she left them in the dust! Sarah was on a skate board and convinced Hannah to pull her along to try to catch up. They had a great time despite the heat. Sarah had to work tonight so we went a little early to pick her up. I told Yumi where we were going, but of course, she had little idea what the kind of place was Sarah's "work."
When we pulled into the parking lot and she saw the sign with Japanese on it she perked right up and gave an excited "Ooh!" Before we even got in the door she was rattling off words and explaining what the Japanese lanterns were. Inside we explored all the displays of Japanese art and Samurai armor. I was so happy to see her using English to explain how Sake cups are used, and that green tea should be drank with "no sugar!" We also ordered Sushi. Yumi was very excited to have some of her favorites. She ordered Uni (sea urchin), Maguro (tuna), and as seen in this picture, Ikura (salmon eggs). Yumi showed us how to place a small bit of Wasabi on top, dip it in soy sauce (using only chop sticks) and then place the whole thing in the mouth. Well, Hannah and I split one Ikura and bravely gave it a try. Let's just say, I may have to try it ten times before I can learn to really like it!

When we returned home the girls were very wide awake, Sarah from working and Yumi and Hannah from the green tea, so they played a game of Uno. Yes, it appears Yumi has mastered this game also. We tried to explain that "Uno" is Spanish for the number one, but that got totally lost in translation! While our communication has not only been exciting and interesting, it has helped us gain a wonderful friend or in Japanese: "tomodachi."

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