Saturday, March 29, 2008

Public Speaking is Fun!

Eleven Homeschoold Clover members participated in the 2008 Public Presentation contest. Enthusiasm and nervousness was great as we started the day...but the sense of accomplishment (and relief) gained when it was over was beyond compare! 4H Teens spoke out on subjects that they were passionate about: acting, golf, family, cooking, and creative writing. 4H Tweens spoke out with illustration and demonstration speeches, all on subjects on which they show great knowledge and excitement. Excitement increased as club members waited for ribbons to be handed out. In all our group totaled 14 Blue Ribbons, four Red Ribbons, six Class Champions, and four State Invitations. Congratulations to all who participated! If you are looking for opportunities for your homeschoole student to participate in public speaking, check out a local 4H group or contact the National Christian Forensics and Communication Association.

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