Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hannah's Christmas Cookie Exchange

Hannah had friends over to celebrate the holiday in a unique way. She planned several activities that centered around the holiday and her 4H studies. The party started out with each girl sharing a special Christmas memory.

They made Candy Cane Reindeer ornaments. Each one turned out different, what a fun way to get the creative energy going!

Hannah then led the girls in a Hanukkah game of Dreidel. A game which consist of spinning a top on which Jewish are painted (Hannah made this Dreidel herself). Each letter has a different meaning - sometimes you loose a chocolate coin to the "pot" in the middle, sometimes gain one, and sometimes gain all! The girls loved this game, we made sure everyone had plenty of coins at the end of the game!

We then started on the biggest project of all - making gingerbread houses. The girls were grouped in two's (sisters) and made some beautiful creations!

Getting started! Putting the walls together was a very important step!

The girls really got going and their creativity was amazing. They added window shutters, chimneys, shrubbery, snow and snowmen, doorways, pathways, and even light posts.

Karissa and Tamarah

Mrs. Bielicki & Savannah

Joy and Charis

Keith and Tabitha

Sarah & Hannah

After building the houses they exchanged small gifts and cookies, hung out and had a lot of fun. Today was a great day for Hannah and her friends.

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