Saturday, July 28, 2007

4H County Fair

The 4H County fair is the highlight of our school year. The girls enter many projects that are judged for ribbon status and the possibility of being chosen to participate in the State Fair. We watched as Hannah sang the national anthem at the 4H County fair.

Among the many activities at the fair, Hannah participated in the watermelon eating contest with a friend.

Many Homeschooled Clover members were at the fair this year.

Sarah and Hannah performed their speech "Vanity and Vexation of Spirit" form Anne of Green Gables. Despite flying cue cards and breaking sound equipment, the crowd still seemed to enjoy their interpretation. They received dual Grand Champions for this speech at the Public Presentations, and had planned to attend the state fair, until a couple of sore feet stopped their plans...
there's always next year!

Receiving her Grand Champion ribbon for Consumer Education and Public Presentations. She also received six invitations to send projects to the State Fair. She took home many ribbons, all purple, blue and red. Here are some of her blue ribbon projects.

A blue ribbon for a display and description of her Beanie Baby collection. Collections tell a lot about personalities and interest. Sarah has collected these since she was four years old.

She received several ribbons in the Visual Arts category for original art, clay candle holder and Indian design prints on cloth.

In Child Development she displayed her involvement in our church VBS program when she researched the web for age and theme appropriate games and led game time.

In Baking she received a state invitation for her delicious oatmeal cookies. These cookies were so tasty, she made another batch after the fair to enjoy as a family!

She had many projects to present for the Dramatic Arts category. She described how she developed costume and character for "A Christmas Carol," "Lions of Trondheim," and "Aesop's (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables." performed with the MHFA and Homeschooled Clovers.

She was rewarded a blue ribbon and Class Champion in Leadership for her "Personality Collage" This was a fun project that really stretched the imagination. More competition in this category made winning more exciting.

She made a Ninja costume for the Sewing category. She also participated in the Fashion Revue, when the 4H'r models their project at the county fair. Sarah cleverly added some cool Karate moves into her revue. The judge really liked it because she received a blue ribbon, class champion, and an invitation to attend the state fair in this category.

This blue ribbon for Consumer Education was very rewarding. She wrote a report on consumer responsibility to "Read the Fine Print" and documented her field trip to the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank. She also received a class champion, and grand champion, and was able to send this project to compete in the Illinois State Fair.

Hannah received Grand Champion ribbons in Forestry, Party Planning, and Public Presentations. She also received five invitations to send projects to the state fair. Hannah loves doing 4H projects and has to force herself to limit her involvement. Here are some of her many blue ribbon projects.

She received blue ribbon and class champion for her paper doll collection. The judges were really impressed with her interest in this uncommon assortment of paper dolls. They told her "to keep up the hobby and it could be an heirloom keepsake some day."

The judges are pretty tough in the photography category so Hannah was really excited to receive a blue ribbon for her photograph of a peacock taken at the Brookfield Zoo.

Visual Arts gave her a chance to try some new coloring techniques and even a pencil drawing.

For Dramatic Arts she had the opportunity to enter two projects. One that highlighted many characters she played this year. Ma Ingles in "A Little House Christmas Story," Hamlet and Kate in "Shakespeare's Clowns," and Miss Mouse in "Aesop's (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables" She also entered a project of how she created her own clown character.

Her forestry project took a blue ribbon, class champion and Grand Champion. The judge commented that "the project took the reader to a higher level of understanding of the subject."

In baking Hannah received a blue ribbon and state invitation for her oatmeal cookies. She also received a class champion in her age group for cake decorating. Her cake was also auctioned off at the fair for $18.00. When she came home she made an identical one for my birthday!

In Party Planning Hannah wowed the judges with her "Anne of Green Gables Tea Party" The whole project turned out beautiful.

In Consumer Education she made a collage that represented her life goals. They included, saving money for college, helping others (church & missionaries) and special purchases. She now has this hanging in her room as a daily reminder of those goals.

Hannah made a pink poodle skirt for fun this year. It was a hard project and she only received a red ribbon on the skirt, but got a blue ribbon for her modeling in the Fashion Revue.

Most exciting of all was the Horticulture project on her "Anne of Green Gables Garden" She described how she used the old plot of back yard where the shed was and planted her garden. She chose many of the plants described in L. M. Montgomery's book. This project went to the State Fair and she received a Superior rating! Red ribbons were received for her blackberries and her phlox flowers.

Just wait until County Fair 2008!
The Bielicki girls will be back!

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