Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shutter Bug Safari

Each year the girls participate in this 4H entomology project. Taking pictures of insects and detailing their habitats they learn something about a new creature and don't have to actually touch the insect (what do you do with those collections after they are done any way?).

Sarah took this picture of a swallow tail butterfly in our front yard. It just happened to be in front of Fred's truck which made it a little bit easier to see.

This year the the cicadas returned. These insects live underground for 17 years. They tunnel to the surface through these holes and emerge as a nymph.

Hannah was fascinated with these insects and she tried to take pictures of them. The nymph above sits on a flower stem drying its freshly molted body and wings.

Every morning we saw them all over the yard, but on garbage day, they covered this pile of trash. We reasoned that the box was a dryer and warmer place to molt then in the grass or shrubbery.
They were nice to see for one summer, but the part of me that does not enjoy "bugs" will not miss their invasion for the next 16 years!

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