Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Anne of Green Gables Tea Party

"I can just imagine myself sitting down at the head of the table and pouring out the tea," said Anne, shutting her eyes ecstatically. "And asking Diana if she takes sugar! I know she doesn't but of course I'll ask her just as if I didn't know."

After completing the book Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery, Hannah decided to have a Victorian tea party. The invitation "cordially invited" her friends to tea from 3-7 at her home. The invitation also stated "following Anne and Diana's example, enjoy dressing in your prettiest 'second best dress.'"

The guest all complied and showed up in a mixture of very lovely dresses! Hear is a picture of the girls taking a stroll through
"Anne's garden."

Next, they creatively decorated straw hats with fresh flowers.
They also made book marks with pressed flowers, just as Anne might have done.

When they came in for tea, they laid their hats all over the computer desk. This was undirected, so it made a beautiful surprise decoration!

Hannah had previously set the table with a pink table cloth, decorative dinner plates, flowers from her own garden, candles, and some beautiful assorted tea cups borrowed from a friend of mine. This picture just does not do justice to it's beauty!

Hannah served the meal in courses, just as Anne would have. There was one course of chicken salad and cucumber sandwiches, another of biscuits and home made jam, another of fruit. She also served strawberry and black English tea.

Of course the best part was the dessert course with lemon biscuits, shortbread, and tarts.

At the end of the party, she gave out bags of goodies containing peppermint sticks, caramels, a hand made pocket size Anne doll that she made herself, and a small journal so the girls could start writing, just like Anne.

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